App Migration to  INTUNE

You are ready for Intune!

We will migrate application packages from ConfigMgr into INTUNE environment.


App Migration Service

This is one of our most requested services for clients when we help our customers transition their application packages from ConfigMgr to INTUNE. We will provide a remote resource to evaluate existing application packages in ConfigMgr and check them against our standard deployment rules for INTUNE. If the application package in question, meets our deployment standards, then it will migrate into the INTUNE environment without errors. If the application package doesn’t meet INTUNE deployment standards, then we will resolve the issue by building a new application package, so it is ready for INTUNE deployment.

Within this App Migration Service we are performing the following tasks:

  • Wrapping application packages with PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit
  • Converting application packages into the Windows app (Win32) format
  • Building new application packages if existing are not suitable for INTUNE
  • Creating and configuring applications in INTUNE environment for deployment
  • Testing application installation from Company Portal on Windows device
  • Performing application smoke test (first launch) on deployed device
What is the price for the App Migration Service?

It will be a fixed price per entire migration. It depends solely on the number of packages required to be migrated. Once we know how many you need, given the volume discount, we will provide a quote.

How long will it take to migrate my packages?

It will depend on how many packages will have to be re-packaged from scratch. In case that is unnecessary, we will migrate 50 apps per week.

Where can I track migration progress?

It will be available in the APM portal, where you will have access to view a list of migrated application packages and track the progress.

What access do you need?

We do require access to ConfigMgr and INTUNE environment to be able evaluate application packages and create apps in INTUNE.

Will you test apps deployment through INTUNE?

Yes, we will check every app we’ve created for a successful install from Company Portal on a Windows device.

Will you check if the application starts?

Yes, we will run a smoke test (first launch test) on the main application shortcut to ensure a successful start on a Windows device after installation.

App Migration Process


You will have access to the APM portal to track migration progress on your application packages.

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