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AppTool has a month to month subscription model with a fixed price. Any new change requests are discussed and agreed with the customer based on hourly development rate.

Key Features

  • Access software information anytime and from anywhere.
  • Customizable workflow process and data fields.
  • Integration with other systems, such as ServiceNow, Jira. 
  • Data import and export.
  • Control SLA's and track history. 


AppTool is based on Microsoft Azure Cloud oriented architecture, which means, that a customer does not need to have any infrastructure components installed locally.


Centralized software management system!

AppTool is a web portal that builds sustainable software library and manages internal processes.  

What is AppTool?

AppTool is a Cloud-based web application that helps an organization to build their Definitive Sofware Library in a single location. You might have an Excel spreadsheet where you keep business-critical software information, but it doesn't have to be the case anymore. Now you can get to the next level as all software information can be tracked in AppTool and you even can build your custom workflow process. 

+1 587 437 3700


AppTool does not require any implementation as it is fully Cloud-based web application. We'll provide an access to the web-portal or will set up an ADFS connection.

Migrate to Windows 10 Efficiently!

Information should never be lost.

Web-Based Application


  • Bring a workflow process and control to an organization.
  • Keep software information in one place and never loos it.
  • Control internal processes and track performance.
  • Oversees migration projects and calculate estimated costs.


Whether you’ve found a bug, have a new feature or change request or maybe need just some assistance. We’ll make sure customers get prompt support at no cost.