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Create instructions automatically!

What is CapTool?

CapTool is a Windows application that reduces time on manually building documents, such as, system implementation steps, software installation guide, user manuals or training materials. You might now are spending hours on manually doing that: take the screenshot -> copy -> paste -> again and again, but not anymore. CapTool does it for you and it can be used by anyone in the organization, either you are an IT professional or Business User.

Capture Every Click!

Create instructions in less than 5 minutes!

Key Features

  • Record full desktop or active window. 
  • Use a hot-keys to capture screenshots.
  • Screenshots created with every mouse click.
  • Comments added while instructions recorded.


To install and run CapTool you would require 

  • .Net Framework 4.5.1


Our a month to month subscription model will be very attractive to any organization. 

CapTool is a Windows application that record instructions and generates word document or video file.

+1 587 437 3700


Our support team will be waiting for recommendation for improvements or bug reports. We'll make sure your request is properly escalated and resolved in a timely manner. 

Windows Application


  • Easy to use no training needed.
  • Customizable documentation template. 
  • Edit screenshots before generating outputs. 
  • White-label CapTool with a company logo.