Free Packaging Conditions 

Our Professional Commitment.

Effective date: May 21, 2020
Updated date: May 25, 2020

Service Conditions 

This section contains rules for requesting a Free Packaging Service if these conditions are not accepted, then UonCloud reserves the right to cancel the registration.

  • UonCloud will review each registration and verify customers identity if necessary additional information might be requested;
  • UonCloud will evaluate each application request before initiating a packaging process;
  • UonCloud will deliver each application package according to industry standards and best practices;
  • UonCloud will deicide during packaging process on the number of packages to be delivered (up to 3) depending on complexity and size; 
  • Customer is only allowed to use a delivered package for internal purposes;
  • Customer is not allowed to resell delivered packages to other customers.

Service Exceptions

This section contains exceptions that authorize UonCloud to cancel the requested application packages.

  • Applications that require network connectivity to customer environment will be canceled;
  • Applications that are not compatible with the requested packaging method will be canceled;
  • Applications that are not compatible with requested Operating System will be canceled;
  • Applications that have functional issues will be canceled;
  • Applications that have debugging errors will be canceled;
  • UonCloud will not be troubleshooting any application related issues;
  • UonCloud will not be importing applications in any deployment system.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this free packaging conditions, please contact us:

By email: info@uoncloud.com
By visiting our Contact page: https://www.uoncloud.com/contact

Martins Kurtiss