Download INTUNE App Notepad++

We are offering a FREE download of the latest Notepad++ version for INTUNE so you can benefit and import it in your INTUNE environment as a Windows App (Win32).

We have built this package according to the best practices and ready to be published through the Company Portal. 

Application is built with the following configuration:

  • No welcome screen
  • No desktop shortcuts
  • No automatic updates

Your downloaded application package contains the following files:

  • Notepad++ 7.9.2.intunewin – built application pakcage for INTUNE
  • Package Document Notepad++ 7.9.2.pdf – documentation for import into INTUNE
  • Icon.png – software icon for Company Portal

This download is representing UonCloud delivery, and it showcases the standard package delivered under Common App services. If you’d like to know more about our service, please click on our brochure (Common Apps Service Brochure) and find out more information + a full list of applications we deliver in this service.

Your download has the latest available Notepad++ version.

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