Can I export data?

Yes, you can export detailed information to the Excel, CSV or PDF files

How do you protect my information?

All sensitive information (computer names, etc.) is Hashed with the SHA-256 methodology and is not readable neither in database or web portal

Do I have to maintain it?

No, after implementation there are no operational or maintenance tasks

Where it helps me?

It helps to reduce IT costs on operational tasks and provides additional reporting on end-user computers 

Can I try it or test it?

Yes, we offer 14-day trial period, during which you can verify full functionality

What is this product?

SupTool is a monitoring system that provides different insights into end-user computers 

How long it takes to implement it?

30 minutes max, once you have access to scan systems and create GPO it will take several steps to configure it

Can I add a new report?

Yes, you can request to add an extra report at no additional cost

Do I install anything on the end-user computer?

No, it is an agentless solution and nothing to be installed on the end-user computer

What are requirements to implement it?

Non, it is a Cloud-based solution that does not require local implementation (details on requirements

Where is the information stored?

All data is stored in Microsoft Azure SQL database

Do you provide support?

Yes, you can contact our support team 24/7 at email address

When will I get access to the portal?

In 15 minutes after it is implemented, you will be granted access credentials to the portal

Can I connect multiple domains?

Yes, as long as you have proper access and network connection to Active Directory to read information

How does it affect the end-user computer?

It does not interfere with the end-user interface and actions are executed in the hidden mode

Who needs it?

Anyone, who is managing and maintaining Configuration Manager (SCCM) on a daily basis 

What is minimum subscription period?

It is 12 month minimum subscription time

How much does it cost?

It has monthly subscription price based on a cost per managed computer

Is it hard to use?

No, it is a web application that gives you view only access to multiple reports 

How do I access collected information?

It is a web portal that contains more than 30 unique reports and statistics

How does it work?

Once a day it collects information from end-user computers, Active Directory and Configuration Manager (SCCM) 

+1 587 437 3700

What are requirements to work?

It requires Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012 or higher and domain environment

Can I connect multiple Confguraton Managers?

Central administration sites, primary and secondary sites within the same Configuration Managers (SCCM) under single instance


What does it do on the end-user computer?

It identifies broken system components, such as Configuration Manager (SCCM) client and automatically executes actions to restore SCCM client functionality

Do I assign resources to the implementation?

No, anyone who has access to Configuration Manager (SCCM) and GPO would be able to implement it, and there is no need to provide an external access

​​​+1 587 437 3700

How does it collect information?

Files are located on the common network share and executed directly from there

How can I read the Hashed information?

It automatically generates local hash file that allows you to UnHash information locally

Can I add my own reports?

No, you can not add or customize the web portal as it is read-only access