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About ImpTool

ImpTool is a Windows application that imports applications in Intune or ConfigMgr within seconds. 

It consists of pre-configured templates that can be easily created and edited. You can deploy and publish applications without opening the Azure Portal or ConfigMgr console. 

Each template can be configured differently with unique settings that can be afterward shared with the deployment team. 

It consists of a built-in converter that builds Windows apps (Win32) for Intune.

ImpTool will help you to establish application standards across the organization.



Automatically converts MSI or EXE installers into the Windows App (Win32) for Intune app deployment


Imports apps in Intune in following formats, as Windows App (Win32) or Windows MSI (line-of-business)


Imports apps in ConfigMgr in following formats, as MSI, App-V or Script applications


Deploys applications to Intune groups or ConfigMgr user or devices collections

Supported Features in ConfigMgr and Intune 

ConfigMgr Features

Application model type

Packages model type

Windows Installer (MSI) deployment type 

Application Virtualization 5 (App-V) deployment type 

Script deployment type

Create User or Device deployments 

Create User or Device collections 

Create Active Directory groups 

Set general information

Set application catalog

Set distribution settings 

Set supersedence

Set content location 

Set programs settings

Set detection method (MSI Product Code)

Set dependencies

Set user experience

Intune Features

Windows app (Win32) type

Windows MSI (line-of-business) type

Store app type

App information 

Set category

Upload logo

Set program settings 

Set requirements settings

Set detection rules

Set dependencies 

Set scope tags

Set assignments


What are requirements for ImpTool?

You will get access to installer that you can install on any devices where you have .NET Framework 4.6 or higher

How long will it take to configure ImpTool?

You will need to have a proper access in ConfigMgr and Intune. You will have to create a connection to ConfigMgr and Intune

  • ConfigMgr – Server, Account, Password
  • Intune – Register App, Set Permissions
What access does ImpTool needs?
  • ConfigMgr – it is using account you configure under settings
  • Intune – it is using Azure AD account you authorize aganst Registered App
Does it supports multi-tenant environments?

Yes, it does. You can create as many as you want connection to ConfigMgr and Intune 

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