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​ImpTool is a Windows application that imports applications in Configuration Manager from import templates.

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Windows Application


  • One standard for every application. 
  • Reduce time on creating applications.
  • Create one or more templates for importing applications.
  • Create one or more connections to ConfigMgr or Active Directory.

What is ImpTool?

ImpTool is a Windows application that takes away annoying repetitiveness from deployment team and brings common standards across the organization. You might be spending 30 minutes or more on importing applications with the same settings again and again, but now it can be automated. ImpTool allows you to create multiple import templates with unique settings in each of them and you can share them with entire deployment team.


To run ImpTool you would have to meet following requirements:

  • .Net Framework 4.6.2
  • Access to ConfigMgr
  • Access to AD

Key Features

  • Import MSI or App-V applications.
  • ​Configure applications setting via the templates.
  • ​Create Active Directory groups with the same naming standard.
  • ​Create a user or device collections with the same naming standard.


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