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We build applications to make sure you save your time and costs

APM is a modern web platform that manages applications throughout their entire lifecycle.

We are making sure you can have more time to focus on your priorities, by outsourcing your packaging needs to us: industry experts, who will build applications for you!
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How do we deliver INTUNE packages?

Delivered applications are ready for your deployment systems, either INTUNE or ConfigMgr. We provide you with a web platform where you can request applications and keep track of our performance and SLA’s at any time during the service.

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Create app requests by entering relevant details on applications (license and contact information, installation & configuration steps, plus original files).

Once you are ready – submit an app request for the BUILD  process

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We build the app based on uploaded instructions, industry best practices & rules, then perform QA, and lastly document and deliver the built app.

We make sure the app is tested under the limited account and INTUNE deployment 

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Download your delivered app and import it into the INTUNE or ConfigMgr environment using IMP (access the tool from the portal) or manually.

When the app is ready for testing – assign it to the end-user group for sign off

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Assign app tester, verify its deployment through Company Portal, and check app functionality on a test or production device for final sign off.

When the app is signed off get ready for Production deployment

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Complete the final stage of the process by publishing the delivered app to the production environment by assigning the right users or devices to groups.

App is Published

50+ most used industry apps delivered weekly



There are more than 50+ unique applications in the service offering and during your subscription year, we deliver around 240 updates from different vendors.

You can select 1 or all 50 apps depending on your need and during your subscription year, you can change back and forth to meet your company’s maintenance requirements.

We have a monitoring system that tracks vendor sites for the latest updates and as soon as the new version is released we build the app according to industry rules and deliver it to you.

You will receive an automatic email notification when a new version is available in our web portal, so you don’t spend time checking vendor sites for updates.

Key Benefits of Application Packaging

On Demand

Request a single or multiple application packages whenever it’s required with no further commitments or obligations

Fixed Price

A fixed fee per each delivered application package regardless of complexity or size (volume discount applies)

Industry Rules

Guaranteed quality in each package that we build, delivered according to the best practices and standards

Fast Delivery

Delivery cycle is less than 5 business days and delivery capacity up to 200 application packages a month

Any Technology

All known industry packaging types are covered by our application packaging service

Delivered Applications Packages

Total Apps Built & Delivered


SLA Compliance

Average Days to Build App


How do I place an order of my app?

Register on our site for the Application Packaging service and you will receive an email with access to our portal where you will register your app requests

What do I need to provide with my order?

You will need to upload installation instructions with media into the portal. You can use our tool CAP to record installation steps in the video file or word document. Once you provide this information in the portal, we are ready to start building an application for you.

Which technologies you support?

We support all known application packaging types and you can place an order in any of them, here is list:

  • Intune (Win32 or LOB or MSIX)
  • Windows Installer (MSI)
  • Microsoft App-V 
  • VMware ThinApp Virtualization
When will I receive my app back?

Our standard SLA for application package delivery is within 5 business days, but our statistics show that we usually deliver applications within 2 days

How do you test built app?

During our build process, we verify application functionality (basic smoke test, if instructions are not provided) and make sure each app passes our internal QA which includes the following steps:

  • App built according to standards
  • App built with required configuration
  • App installs and uninstalls with the system account
  • App starts with a limited account permissions
Can I request changes afterwards?

You can request changes 

Do you have a warranty on built app?

We do have a 15-day warranty during which you can send us feedback and we will tweak the app if it’s not working or has issues.

What is price per app?

We have a fixed price model which mean no matter the complexity or size, here are some options for pricing

  • Single price per app
  • Pre-pay price per 25, 50 or 100 apps

For more details on pricing please contact our sales team

What is price Common App service?

This is a subscription-based service where you pay for 1, 2 or 3 years

For more details on pricing please contact our sales team

Can I use web portal as my Software Library?

Yes, you can use it as your active software library. There is a subscription fee to use this portal for internal purposes without ordering applications through us.

For more details on pricing please contact our sales team

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What Our Customers Are Saying

CapTool provided great value as soon as we tried it. We save time right away. We have reduced our average time from 30 min to 5 min per single document. The ability to quickly provide visual instructions with CapTool freed up valuable time increasing overall productivity.

– Alberta Health Services –

It has been a pleasure working with UonCloud. They have built a great SaaS solution that automatically detects computer problems we weren’t identifying before. They are always ready to listen to our requests and have delivered changes in a fast and effective manner. We would recommend using UonCloud as SaaS solutions provider.

– AutoZone –

ConfigMgr Health Assessment was easy to set up, understand, and use from the start. It was up and running on the same day after we registered for assessment. UonCloud has delivered an excellent report on our environment that showed us where we have to make improvements and changes to be compliant. 

– Grange Insurance –

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