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Application Management Platform

APP is a modern web platform that manages applications throughout the entire lifecycle.

It helps with processes to implementation and builds a definitive software library (DSL) where organizations can track all essential application information, including license and contact information, installation and configuration instructions, original and packaged files, documentation, deployment, and production details. 


Process Control

Workflow steps to control the entire application lifecycle from start to finish (New, Details, Build, Import, Test & Publish).


Email Notifications

Automated email notification on workflow status change, incidents, new Common Apps and breached SLA.


Incident Management

Track application incident communication and resolutions in a single platform.


Azure AD Authentication

Authentication in the portal with your Azure AD account and role-based access control.


Intune Integration

Integration with the INTUNE application list to refer to application details whenever required.

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Device Management Platform

RDM is a powerful device management platform that allows IT professionals to manage and support their users in Real-Time. Device troubleshooting can be performed in complex network infrastructures as you have an easy way to reach any device anywhere.

With a single mouse click, any problem or an incident can be resolved on single or multiple devices.


Instant Connectivity

Instant connectivity to any Windows device as long as it’s connected to any network, private or public, guaranteed.


Support Tasks

Execute single or multiple support tasks on devices through the web portal or mobile phone.


Remote Support

Provide remote support with Windows built-in technology to end users over the internet.


Software Deployment

Install or re-install most common applications and clients (Office 365, ConfigMgr, VPN, and others).


Intune & ConfigMgr Support

Troubleshoot MDM issues by gathering data directly from devices that are enrolled in the Azure AD or ConfigMgr.

Light-weight Windows Tools for Busy IT Professionals

Microsoft has embraced cloud-based technologies as the cornerstone of their modern management solutions, take advantage of the power to automate basic IT tasks through the cloud.

Create Documentation Easily

Create instructions, user guides or step-by-step tutorials in minutes.

CapTool is a Windows application that automatically captures your activity on the computer and builds a Microsoft Word document (.docx) or a video file (.avi) from all the information gathered.

Say goodbye to hours of manual labor by taking screenshots and all the hassle of embedding them into documents. CapTool does it for you and it can be used by anyone in the organization, from your IT team to End-User alike.


Deploy Applications Automatically

Release applications though Intune or Configuration Manager with one click!

ImpTool is a Windows application that allows you to import and deploy applications (MSI or App-V or Script) through Microsoft Intune or Microsoft Configuration Manager.

Reduce the number of repetitive tasks your application deployment team has to go through in order to support End-Users. You will no longer have to modify the same settings over and over again, as we have automated the workflow for you.

ImpTool consists of pre-configured import templates with unique settings that can be shared with the deployment team. ImpTool will help you establish application standards across the organization.


App Transition to the Cloud

UonCloud team of Certified Microsoft developers is specialized in designing and building modern applications as well as transitioning legacy applications into the Cloud.

INTUNE Application Packaging

UonCloud has over 15 years of experience delivering application packaging services globally, using long-established technologies (MSI, App-V, ThinApp), as well as the most recent technologies like MSIX.


Industry Common Apps

UonCloud has 75 unique apps in this Service where we monitor vendor sites for the new app updates, and as soon as the new version is available, we build and deliver packages.

DevOps Services for the Cloud

UonCloud has over 15 years of experience providing development services. We design, develop, and implement solutions specific to your needs and creating long-term relationships.

ConfigMgr Client Health Assessment

UonCloud experts will summarize the results of your assessment and write a report of your Configuration Manager environment, including practical recommendations.

Application Packaging Service

We will grant you access to the APP web portal where you will be able to place a request for packaging.

Register and gain access in 15 minutes

What Our Customers Are Saying

CapTool provided great value as soon as we tried it. We save time right away. We have reduced our average time from 30 min to 5 min per single document. The ability to quickly provide visual instructions with CapTool freed up valuable time increasing overall productivity.

– Alberta Health Services –

It has been a pleasure working with UonCloud. They have built a great SaaS solution that automatically detects computer problems we weren’t identifying before. They are always ready to listen to our requests and have delivered changes in a fast and effective manner. We would recommend using UonCloud as SaaS solutions provider.


ConfigMgr Health Assessment was easy to set up, understand, and use from the start. It was up and running on the same day after we registered for assessment. UonCloud has delivered an excellent report on our environment that showed us where we have to make improvements and changes to be compliant. 

– Grange Insurance –

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UonCloud is an IT Software company that specializes in developing SaaS solutions and providing application services for the Cloud.

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