WEBINAR: How to support Intune apps?

During this 45 min webinar, I’ll show you how to maintain Intune apps as well as monitor their deployments through Intune.

I will also show you some of the best tips and tricks in deploying Intune packages, to get a higher success rate when you install them through the Company Portal.
This webinar will take place:

  • February 9th at 10:00 am MST (UTC -7)

Topics I will cover during this session:

  • Maintenance: how to manage app upgrades
  • User deployments: what do you need to know 
  • Rules and detections: best practices on managing them
  • Import apps with APM: create an app with a couple of clicks
  • Dependency management: tips and tricks to control them
  • Un-compile *.intunewin file: how to get to source files
  • Deployment monitoring: how to read deployment results

Thank you and see you soon.


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